When I Exist No More


Before the arrival of that day When I will leave forever, I will ask my faithful friendsThat in case my funeral Be denied, to please, Set fire to my body until It becomes dust again!

Once my ashes be sprayed In the fours corners of the world, Then, Maybe I’ll also disappear From your dreams and mind!

There will be no reason to cry Or worry about anything When only my legacy Will be left behind for an eternity, Then, my love and pain Will cease once and for all!

My ashes will dance Elegantly with my faithful friend The wind and knowing for sure That you will not be by my side!

This will be the end From me as lover and a poet: No more summers or winters,Colorful autumns or springs, No more in your life I will live Because I will be already dead

Romeo Della Valle (c) Reserved rights-2017 New York City

(*) Image designed by: www.imikimi.com